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Give a Kid a Dream

We Proudly Sponsor Gleason's Give a Kid a Dream Foundation

This organization’s extraordinary mission “to aid juveniles who are burdened with problems, neglected, and lacking wholesome parental support” Gleason’s utilizes boxing, a sport that demands structured exercise and alertness under pressure, to instill the values of confidence and discipline necessary to deal with adversity and overcome obstacles.

The program primarily serves children ages 13 to 18. Some exceptions may be made for children immediately under or just over those ages on a case-by-case basis, however most participant’s fall into the 13 to 18 age group.

Positive Effects Of The Program
The positive effects of the program can be measured in terms of the personal developments of its participants.

Confidence, Self Esteem and Respect
Sports in general offer a chance for children to be challenged and grow, developing confidence in themselves and in turn raising their self-esteem. Gleason’s program offers an environment where children will be challenged to participate in a very demanding sport and at the same time learn respect, not only for their peers that they train and compete with, but most importantly for themselves. Successful participants are the ones that through the program find new confidence in themselves through adopting the positive attitude necessary to endure and to be successful in the sport of boxing while at the same time developing respect for the sport and others both in and out of the ring.

Benefits to the Community
Being a teenager is hard no matter where you are from. Our program serves this population. Not only are our participants teenagers, but due to the fact that our program’s participants are all referred to us from institutions that in some manner serve youth that come from underprivileged backgrounds and traditionally underrepresented populations, we are in a unique position to positively influence the youth that come through our doors.

Whether it is boxing, basketball, dancing, or playing chess, our goal, just like any other organizations with similar programs, is the same. We seek to give youth a chance to be challenged both mentally and physically, to channel their energy into an activity that will give them both confidence and respect for themselves and others, while at the same time keeping them off the streets and away from other influences that may have a negative effect on their journey through this critical stage of their life.

If it were true that most people give up because they don’t know the way and believe something is hopeless, then the answer would seem to be give them a way so they can find hope. Too often our youth are given ways, but those ways are rooted in fear and ignorance and many times violent and self-destructive. Our program seeks to give kids a dream, but what we really are giving is hope because not only can we give them a dream, we can give them the tools to achieve that dream. Our vision of the dream is not one to be a great boxer, but rather a great person. Through “Give a Kid a Dream”; we want our kids to have hope.

For more on this wonderful program please visit : GleasonsGiveAKidaDream.Com