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IRS announces new Taxpayer Bill of Rights

In a news release, IRS has announced the adoption of a “Taxpayer Bill of Rights” to help taxpayers better understand their rights. In the past, Congress passed multiple pieces of legislation with the title “Taxpayer Bill of Rights.” But National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson discovered that most taxpayers were unaware that “they have rights before the IRS.”

New rights. After getting input from Ms. Olson, and because existing rights are scattered throughout the Code making it difficult for taxpayers to understand, IRS has announced the new Taxpayer Bill of Rights. It takes the multiple existing rights embedded in the Code and groups them into these 10 broad categories, making them more visible and easier for taxpayers to find on IRS’s website:

(1) The right to be informed.

(2) The right to quality service.

(3) The right to pay no more than the correct amount of tax.

(4) The right to challenge IRS’s position and be heard.

(5) The right to appeal an IRS decision in an independent forum.

(6) The right to finality.

(7) The right to privacy.

(8) The right to confidentiality.

(9) The right to retain representation.

(10) The right to a fair and just tax system.

The rights have been incorporated into a redesigned version of Publication 1, a document that is routinely included in IRS correspondence with taxpayers. The new version has been added to IRS says print copies will start being included in IRS correspondence in the near future.

Initially, the publication will be available in English and Spanish. Updated versions will soon be available in Chinese, Korean, Russian and Vietnamese.